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Dik Geurts designs and builds high value, contemporary, free-standing stoves, hanging stoves and inset wood fires. There are a large number of designs, making a huge range.

The hallmark of all Dik Geurts products is their innovative design. They reflect the huge range of possibilities that can be achieved in cast iron stoves, from the classic to the ultra-contemporary. With their impressive looks and practical features, they can be installed in almost any style and size of home, from rustic rural properties to urban chic apartments.

For homes that want an alternative source of energy but also something different in terms of its look and feel, Dik Geurts designer wood stoves are the answer. They feature spectacular models such as the oval-shaped Aruba, the angular Noa and the curvaceous Babe.

For homes with traditional UK chimneys, Dik Geurts has developed the Instyle range, an exclusive selection of inset wood fires that can be installed in the chimney with minimal renovation. These Instyle wood fires provide a glorious flame picture that can be easily adjusted subject to the amount of heat required. They have the power to heat an entire room and the efficiency to waste no valuable fuel.

broseley_orleans_electric_inset_fireDik Geurts wood fires and stoves ideally compliment DRU contemporary gas and electric fires. They have similar cutting edge styles, efficient technology, superior craftsmanship and excellent attention to detail. The only difference is that they burn wood, the natural and sustainable alternative to gas and electricity.

And even if the ideal wood stove or fire cannot be found in the Dik Geurts catalogue, you can still order a custom built model tailor-made for your individual home!

Dik Geurts wood fires and stoves are stocked by many approved DRU Dealers in all parts of the UK. They can provide expert advice on the size, heat output and installation requirements of a wood-burning fire for your home. They will also be able to supply the correct kind of wood that is produced in sustainable forests around Europe.

See the Dik Geurts Range of Wood Fires and Stoves

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