Smokeless Zone Approved Woodburner Multifuel StoveThe Yorkshire DEFRA Approved for Smoke Controlled Areas - Wood and Multifuel Stoves
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Developed through 30 years of research The Yorkshire Stove is the first of a whole new breed of heat source. At last, we have created fire without smoke.

Emissions from the Yorkshire are so low that it very easily complies with the clean air act. Independent laboratory tests show efficiencies of over 70% on a whole range of fuels including wood.
All this has been achieved on the Yorkshire without using catalyst combusters, which are very expensive to replace and can easily become damaged if coal or impure wood is burnt. Cleanburning is also better.

Easy To Use - Just one simple control to set the heat level you want and the air wash required. Plus a built in de-ashing mechanism, easy access for cleaning the stove and cleanburn at all times.

Superb View of the Fire -   Through the large 360mm x 222mm air washed window. Also available the decorative window trim for that distinctive look. This Trim is detachable and can be fitted or removed at any time.

Lets Sum Up - Manufactured by Dunsley Heat a Quality Assured registered company.

  • The Yorkshire Stove is an exceptional stove, it will burn fuels others cannot in smoke controlled areas.
  • The Yorkshire burns efficiently giving you more heat for each kg of fuel used.
  • A Stove which has all the qualities of the Yorkshire is better for your health and better for everyone's health.
  • Also available with Griddle for superb fat free cooking, see below.

How it works:

In ordinary stoves the air enters below the fuel, so that smoke is carried upwards.

The Yorkshire Stove uses the Downburning system where air comes in at the top, the smoke is pulled downwards, so that the smoke [which is tiny particles of unburned fuel] is forced through the very hottest part of the fire and so burns away as air is introduced through the afterburn air inlets at the rear of the fire - giving more heat for less fuel therefore much cleaner combustion.

When burning wood The Yorkshire is clean enough for even the strictest smokeless zone - it's even cleaner than 'smokeless' fuels

Technical Specification:

Construction: The 'Yorkshire' develops
very much higher temperatures than ordinary fires so the very highest quality
of materials have been used throughout.

 The body of the Yorkshire is made from tough steel plate and cast iron. The
fire bars are not of ordinary iron but of chromium alloy for durability. The window
is not glass, but transparent ceramic first developed for the space shuttle. The firebrick lining is manufactured from high temperature heat reflecting material, pressure cast to meet the special design and requirements of the 'Yorkshire'.

Control: Output can be adjusted from 12kW (at approximately 3-hourly refueling) down to 2kW (at approximately 10-hourly refueling). Hard fuels, such anthracite, are recommended for extended burning.    

The Yorkshire 'Downburn' system is Copyright and Design Right Reserved in full. The Downburning Yorkshire Stove is a UK Registered Design .

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