Esse 350Inbset Stove RangeEsse 350 Inset Multifuel Stove
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ESSE 300 series inset convector stoves provide a unique solution to convert an inefficient open fire into an economical multi-fuel stove, improving the efficiency of an open fire by up to 400%. Convector stoves were pioneered by ESSE back in the 1920's and they have big advantages. The firebox sits inside a second outer casing with a cavity in between the two. Cool air from the room is drawn in at the base of the stove and heated before rising out of the top of the stove into the room. This process also means that the outer surface of the stove, while still very hot, is much less likely to burn than an ordinary stove. Non convection stoves heat by radiation which only travels in straight lines, but ESSE convector stoves emit a continuous gentle stream of hot air which can evenly heat every nook and cranny of a room. The award winning 350 SE offers a larger output of up to 7kW/h. Like the 301 SE it fits into a standard fireplace, however, the brick fireback must be removed to allow for its larger capacity firebox. It is equipped with a secondary air control for burning wood and smokeless fuel.

Heat Output (kW): 7
Fuel Type : Multifuel
Colour : Black
Height : 595mm
Width : 485mm
Depth : 145mm
Flue Size : 150mm
Flue Type : Inset
Weight : 72Kg


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