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Franco Belge have over 70 years experience in designing and manufacturing some of the world’s finest wood-burning and solid-fuel cast iron stoves.
Their attention to detail and design flair is world renowned and all of their products feature the latest innovations in real fire home heating.

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The Franco Belge range of stoves cover all fuel types from wood, solid-fuel. gas and oil, they are always developing innovative new ideas, as these products are launched they will be added to this website - the latest addition being the genuine cast iron electric stove range.

Wood is one of very few fuels that is renewable in our lifetime, most other sources of power come from fossil fuels - these take many thousands of years to Franco_Blege_Stoverevolve and are being consumed faster than they can be replenished by nature. The CO2 consumed by trees whilst growing is actually higher than the CO2 output from burning wood on your Franco Belge stove, reducing harmful emissions present in the atmosphere.

Franco Belge are conscious of the environmental issues affecting our world - and recommend that you burn seasoned wood purchased from a sustainable forest management scheme. Woodburning is also highly efficient - a modern electricity generating power station is in fact 20% less efficient at producing energy than a Franco Belge stove.

Franco Belge Multi Fuel Stoves
The Camargue, Belfort, Savoy and Limousin series feature powerful top air-supply airwash systems to provide cleaner burning and to keep the glass doors free of unsightly deposits.

All the stoves featured are constructed from top grade cast iron for a lifetime of dependable service.

Franco_Belge_Oil_StoveThere are many benefits of cast iron over other materials, for example, once the fuel has expired the stoves will retain heat for much longer and also cast iron has proved more durable under high temperatures than other materials.

Franco Belge Multifuel Stove Range

Franco Belge Gas Stoves
Having applied over 70 years of cast iron stove development to create their range of gas stoves, this experience has been used extensively to create a stunning range of gas fired stoves. All Franco Belge stoves are equipped with the latest gas safety features and even the optional convenience of full remote control. A wide range of gas and burner options ensure there is a stove ideally suited to your installation. There is even a flueless model that requires no flue or chimney to operate and is suitable for many installations that would otherwise be unsuitable for a stove. The Franco Belge renowned build quality and attention to detail ensures that you will be keeping cozy and warm for many years to come.

Franco_Belge_Gas_StoveFranco Belge Gas Stove Range

Franco Belge Oil Stoves
As one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of wood and multifuel cast iron stoves Franco Belge now produce a range of superbly detailed stoves designed especially for oil burning.

Offering economy, convenience, safety and quality design the Franco Belge oil fired room heaters are truly unique. The range includes the popular Belfort model and the larger Savoy, which along with Le Burgundy feature large panoramic ceramic glass door panels which allow an uninterrupted view of the clean burning flame. All Franco Belge oil stoves feature a reflective surface within the combustion chamber to enhance the appearance of the fire. Le Burgundy is also supplied with a coal kit as standard.

Using a special vaporising burner ensures maximum economy with low running costs without the need for any electricity. This makes for an appliance you can rely on to gently warm your home 24 hours a day - even during a power cut! Add to this the very low maintenance with no messy cleaning the Franco Belge oil fired stoves offer unrivaled room heating convenience.

Franco Belge Oil Stove Range

Franco Belge Electric Stoves
Manufactured from premium grade cast iron, Franco Belge have applied over twenty years of industry experience to bring together the charms of owning a real stove with the convenience of being fired by electricity.

There are two models in the range, both the Montfort and the larger Savoy are available in traditional matt black stove paint finish. The Savoy is also available in luxurious, deep Sapphire blue enamel. The stoves are equipped with their ‘realflame’ electric log fire insert with glowing embers for one of the most realistic flame patterns available. Heat output is selectable between 1Kw and 2Kw for both stoves, with the Savoy also benefiting from full thermostatic control. The flame effect can also be used independently to create a wonderful cozy atmosphere when no heat output is required.

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Franco Belge Electric Stove Range

Franco Belge Range includes:
Belfort, Montfort, Savoy, Limousin.  Ardennes, Parisienne, Camargue

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