Sawdust Burners to heat your workshopRelax Sawdust Burner

The RELAX Sawdust Workshop stoves a great sawdust burners!

A sawdust burner is an extreamly economical way of heating your workshop or greenhouse as, once you have bought your stove, your fuel is often completely free of charge. In fact, you are probably throwing away sawdust fuel.

The whole range of Relax Woodburning stoves can burn workshop offcuts and burn waste sawdust; hence the reason a workshop stove is often called a sawdust stove, or sawdust burning stove. Why do pay for your workshop waste to be taken away, when you can use it as stove fuel and heat your workshop or industrial unit with it?

One of the simplest fuels for cooking and for heating the house in winter is sawdust, a waste product which is usually thrown away and which, therefore, is obtainable free or at nominal cost.

Sawdust will burn properly only in a specially constructed sawdust stove, having an air tube whish delivers oxygen to the centre of the sawdust fuel pack. The fuel always lights with only one match in such a unit, and can be kept ablaze for long periods—six, eight or even twelve hours if desired—with absolutely no smoke, no blowing or fanning, and no refueling.

It is absolutely essential that the fuel for this stove be bone dry. If it's slightly damp, it will smoke, and if it's very damp it won't light at all. Dry sawdust burns wonderfully well—sometimes even with a blue flame—and is entirely smokeless. It does give off some fumes, however, and the room where the stove is in use must be well ventilated.

Relax R4 Sawdust BurnerOnce lit, such a stove burns until all the fuel it contains is consumed. It can then be recharged and lighted again. Such a device is ideal where steady heat is required for hours on end with no attention (to provide day-long hot water, for instance, or to keep a room cosy and warm through a chill winter's night).


24 Hour Burn - On ONE Filling!

During the winter, we burn a Relax R7 (or PM7 or 6 plus) for more than 25 hours with single fuelling!

Not Multifuel - You should never burn coal, anthracite or similar in the Relax Workshop Stoves. Burning of these fuels will invalidate your guarantee.

Check out the range of relax sawdust burners here.

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