Steel Cuisine Ascot Range CookersSteel Cuisine Ascot, Genesi, Sintesi, Party & Derby Range Cookers
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Steel Cuisine specialise in premium quality range cookers imported directly from the highly renowned Italian manufacturer, Steel.

Steel has been producing semi-professional range cookers for over 85 years for the domestic market. They have created a stunning collection with complimentary cooker hoods and accessories in both contemporary as well as more traditional styles.

Professonal functionality and performance are built in as standard, allied with superb build quality using the finest materials. Steel Ciosine offer the flexibility for you to choose from a variety of hob options to suit your lifestyle and cooking requirements, in fact, there are over 340 options to select.

Backed by a full two year warranty and serviced and supported by a team of Corgi trained engineers, throughout the UK.

There are two styles from which to chose: Genesi are clean and sharp with a minimalist uncluttered look; while the classically styled Ascot would be at home in a more traditional and homely kitchen setting. Steel Cuisine offer 12 colours, plus the must-have stainless steel, you can be sure that Steel has exactly the right range cooker to compliment your kitchen and lifestyle.

Steel Cuisine Ascot Range Cookers
Ascot 70cm - Ascot 90cm - Ascot 100cm double oven - Ascot 100cm triple oven - Ascot 120cm double oven.

The Ascot series combines the professional characteristics of power and flexibility with an elegant look and a simple yet sophisticated design. With over 30 different models and 6 colours to choose from, you are sure to find a solution to suit you.


Steel Cuisine Genesi Range CookersSteel Cuisine Genesi Range Cookers

Genesi 70cm - Genesi 90cm - Genesi 100cm - Genesi 120cm

The modern, minimalist Genesi range has six colours to choose from. These are available in the 120cm, 100cm, 90c, & 70mm sizes.

The modern, minimalist Genesi range is designed for modern contemporary homes and, as such, features six dashing colours including bright lime and yellow. The sedate black, red and green options will perhaps appeal to less bold tastes, whilst no cooker range would be complete without the contemporary stainless steel option.

A unique feature of the Genesi cookers – which come in four sizes and a myriad of hob options – is the coloured fascias which are completely interchangeable. So if you like a change, it is possible to order a new colour and create a different look to the kitchen.


Steel Cuisine Sintesi Range CookersSteel Cuisine Sintesi Range Cookers

Sintesi 70cm - Sentesi 90cm - Sintesi 100cm - Sintesi 120cm

Aisi 304 s.steel body
One touch ignition
Electronic oven timer control
Metal knobs and handles
Cast iron enamelled griddles
Storage drawer
Adjustable feet
Cold triple glazed door



Steel Cuisine Genesi Party CookersSteel Cuisine Party Range Cookers

90cm - Party 100cm

Double or single multifunction oven

Wiring shelves, deep tray trivet with handles, rotisserie

Available in Stainless Steel, Black, White or Anthracite



Steel Cuisine Genesi Party CookersSteel Cuisine Derby Range Cookers

90cm - Derby 100cm

Wiring shelves, deep tray trivet with handles, rotisserie
Stainless Steel body
One touch ignition
Cast iron enamelled griddles
Adjustable feet

Available in Stainless Steel, Bordeaux, Cream or Anthracite


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