Stovax Riva Plus Small StoveStovax Riva Plus Small Multifuel Stoves

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The Riva Plus stoves are expertly crafted to be traditional in appearance, the external looks of the stoves belie their ease of operation (a single lever controls all the air flows), their technically advanced cleanburn combustion systems (which provide an outstanding flame picture) and their superior heating efficiencies. Just as importantly, when burning logs the Riva Plus stoves use an energy source that is carbon neutral, renewable and infinitely better for our environment.

In addition, there are options and features for these stoves such as the enhanced multi-fuel grate design, fan-assisted circulation system and external air facility which can increase efficiencies still further.

The Riva Plus Small stove is an efficient way of heating your room, it also has a versatile design to match many decorative styles.

All Riva Plus stoves feature cleanburn combustion systems. This means burning logs or solid fuels with outstanding efficiency. More heat is delivered in to the room and less heat goes up the chimney.

Riva Plus stoves are available either as dedicated wood burning stoves or as multi fuel stoves with a specially designed riddling grate.

Available in four sizes, Riva Plus Small, Riva Plus Midi, Riva Plus Medium and Riva Plus Large

Riva Plus Small - Key Features
Overall dimensions 420 x 551 x  378mm (w x h x d)*
Woodburning and multi-fuel versions Yes
High efficiency heating Wood: 77% - Smokeless fuel: 79%
Single combustion control lever Yes
Boost setting for lighting and re-fuelling Yes
Stainless steel baffle Yes
Radiant heat and convected heat Yes
Heat output 2.0 – 5.0kW
Maximum log length 250mm
Optional external air kit Yes
Optional fan-assisted convection system Yes
Flue connection 128mm (5") top or rear

Riva Plus stoves feature the latest cleanburn combustion systems, allowing them to burn logs or solid fuels with outstanding efficiency, resulting in more heat delivery into the room and less going up the chimney.

all Riva Plus stoves are constructed with a heavy duty steel body and a cast iron airtight door and incorporate innovative features such as a single lever control and fan-assisted convection. Riva Plus stoves are also available in either woodburning or multi fuel versions.

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