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Stovax is a UK manufacturer of woodburning, multi-fuel, gas, oil and electric stoves, fires and fireplaces. Stovax manufacture a wide range of heating appliances to suit your home, ranging from classic period fireplaces to contemporary designer stoves.

Established in 1981, Stovax has expanded continuously to become, together with its sister company Gazco, one of the leading forces in the British and European fireplace and stove market.

Stovax Traditional Woodburning Stoves more

Huntingdon 35
Huntingdon 40
Stockton 11
Stockton 4
Stockton 5
Stockton 6
Stockton 7
Stockton 8

Stovax Gas Stoves More

Ashdon - Brunel


Stovax Mulitfuel Stoves more


Riva Plus Small Stov
Riva Plus Midi Stove
Riva Plus Medium Stove
Riva Plus Large Stove


Stova Electric Stoves More


Stovax Contemporary Stoves More

Riva F40 Avanti
Riva F40 Avanti Highline
Riva F40 Avanti Midi
Riva F40 Cube
Riva F55 Avanti Midi

Stovax Multifuel Stoves

All Stovax stoves are designed either for multi-fuel use, which means they burn wood, solid fuel or peat, or as woodburners only. All multi-fuel stoves have a riddling grate which allows ash to be riddled into a built-in ash pan. Woodburners have a fixed grate and no ash pan, since wood burns best on a bed of ashes.

Stovax Enamelled Stoves

Enamel is a very thin coating of coloured glass which is fired at over 800˚C onto a metal surface. To achieve its translucent and lustrous finish, each casting is especially designed for enamelling and is coated and fired twice.

Stovax Perfect Flame Control

The triple air system also allows complete control of the flame picture. From a deep glow, with minimal flames, it takes only a few seconds to fill the firebox with swirling flames from the fuel and jets of flame from the clean burn ports.

Stovax Airtight Construction

All Stovax stove doors (except the Regency) have airtight seals which allow airflows to be precisely controlled. This allows both the heat output and refuelling frequency to be varied and helps maximise burning efficiency.

Stovax Traditional Stoves
Complementing a traditional look in period or classic homes, a stove is the perfect solution to efficient heating and the ambience of a real fire. The wide selection of models come in multi-fuel, woodburning, gas, electric or oil versions.

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